What it’s like to be a weekend warrior? Let’s start by the most stressful part of the entire trip. Packing!

weekend warrior

When we are not on the road for a travel season, we have a physical address. During this time, we are weekend warriors aka weekend campers. During the months or weeks we are at home, we try to go camping at least once a month. Life in a permanent address is hard, once you get used to the road life, so we need to destress and get that “camping” feeling often.

This weekend, we traveled to Ft McCoy KOA, in central Florida. It’s about 2 hours from our home in St Augustine, Florida.

Keystone Cougar

The packing:

Like I said, this is the worst part of the entire camping trip in my opinion. Because we are not into full time camping season, we can’t leave food and clothes inside the RV, so every camping trip, we have to repack and buy groceries for that entire trip.

Camping florida

Luckily, the area that we live in has plenty of grocery stores to choose from. Large chains and local small stores alike. This weekend, we couldn’t get ready and go shopping the day before our trip like we always do. So we decided to go on the same day we leave for the trip! That was a huge mistake! The entire city of St Augustine was out in force to buy everything they could get their hands on! Traffic, kids crying, dogs barking! Don’t go out shopping on Fridays or Saturdays!

After barely making it back home 3 hours later, our planned time to leave the house was well over 4 hours behind us. By this time, I just wanted to leave the house.

Getting to KOA:

The drive to KOA wasn’t bad. Nice small county roads with no traffic and mostly 2 lanes all the way.

We finally get to the campground, set everything up and first thing I do is fire up the grill!


Pork chops, some burgers and hot dogs. Christina makes corn and a Brazilian vegetable called “Chuchu”. My mother and step father came with us, so we had to cook a bit more than usual.

Camping corn


Camping food

It’s now day 3 into our trip. At this time, we are a weekend warrior. Today is Sunday, the 25th and we stay here until tomorrow the 26th. Now, it’s time to go do some more grilling and start up the campfire!

KOA camping

We can’t wait to start our full time season again! RVing was meant to be on the road (camping) as much as possible. We love our home and the city of St Augustine, but nothing can beat the road life!

So, are you a full time RVer? Are you a weekend warrior? Part time RVer? Do you RV at all? Let us know what you think, and remember, if you RV, cast it! Share your stories. Create, inspire!

View pictures of this trip here.

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