What to do about those RV snacks? Living and camping in an RV has its challenges. One of them is food. For the most part, we eat very well while RVing and camping, almost better than we do when at home. But how about those quick snacks? What do you do when you don’t want to set up the grill or cook a full meal but just want a quick bite? Here’s a list of a few things we like to cook while camping:

rv snacks

  • Instant noodles with Swedish meatballs
  • Eggs with corned beef hash
  • Oatmeal, honey and bananas
  • Honey maid crackers with peanut butter or mozzarella cheese
  • Granola and trail mix 
  • Organic canned soups

Some frozen foods are also an option, however if you’re trying to eat healthy I would limit these to 1 meal a day at the most!

Frozen pizza

Keep in mind that you’re traveling! The great thing about Rving is the liberty and freedom it gives us. If you have access to transportation or if you’re towing a vehicle, try to go and explore the many farmers market all around. I’m sure you’ll find something nearby. Eating good and staying healthy should be one of your top priorities while camping.