Camping is fun but it’s also hard work! Camping in the fall is a bit more challenging than camping during the hot summer months, specially if you’re camping in New England. The weather on the north eastern coast can be pretty unpredictable, even more so in the fall months. You can have a nice day in the 50’s and the very next day be 35 and cold. My advice to you is always prepare for the worst. Bring some extra bedding sheets, a nice comforter and always double check and make sure you have enough propane in your tank.

November in Massachusetts is alive! We always loved to go camping in the fall. Nature puts up a show like no other time of the year! The foliage changing colors and the multitude of change in trees is absolutely gorgeous. Birds finishing up building their nests and hide-outs for the winter and squirrels hard at work to stock up on acorns.

One of the best things about fall camping is that almost all campgrounds will have fewer visitors. Most people winterize their Rvs and trailers in October. It’s always nice to use the amenities of the campground without feeling crammed by other guests and visitors. We don’t really worry about water pipes freezing and the hot water tank just yet, but it’s getting closer and closer! We camp year round, and in the next few blog posts, we’ll show you how we do it! So let’s go camping in the fall!

These are some of our favorite campgrounds in Massachusetts: