RV trip planning
Hello Everyone! It’s time for our Camping Trip Planning! Im excited that the weather in Massachusetts is changing. It’s unusually warm the last few days. With the warmth comes what I call “The Caping Itch”. Yesterday, Christina and I went into the RV for to do some cleaning and to fix a few things up from our last camping trip. As we were getting to the end of our little project, all we could think about was “Let’s just get our things and go”! Obviously this is not possible at the moment, since we both work full time here in Massachusetts and we are only able to take long weekend trips twice a month. This might change! One of our 2017 New Year’s resolution, is to change our lives DRASTICALLY and move towards achieving our dreams of RVing full time and work from the road. We will have some big news very soon, but that’s for another blog post coming up.

As camping season is fast approaching, we like to plan a few places to go to. No, we don’t like to plan all our camping trips and travels, but it’s always good to map out at least the locations you want to visit for the next 3-6 months. With that in mind these are some of the most important factors that will determine where and when would like to visit a location in the USA or maybe even Canada.

  • Weather (This is our main priority. We both like the hot climate weather, even though we live in Massachusetts) so planning out around the weather is a must.
  • Local events and seasonal attractions (Local fairs, local festivals, etc…)
  • Timing (Like I said before, we both currently have local full time jobs, and even though we work for ourselves, we can’t just go for months on end on a camping trip, or at least not YET!)
  • Budget (We always try to make the most with what we have, so keep things under a budget is a must)
  • Family and kids friendly (Our baby girl Olivia is 18 months old, so places that are family and kids friendly is also a must)
  • Activities (We love the outdoors, so for us, camping is all about hiking, fishing, cooking…)

With these bullet points in mind, in the next few weeks, we will come up with a list of camping trips we will try to do for the next 3-6 months. Note that as of right now, our camping season starts in late March, but we are hoping that our New Year’s resolution will come to reality soon, very soon!

We will post another article soon with our future destinations, and we would love to hear suggestions from you guys!