Florida is amazing, beautiful and hot, really hot! We arrived in Boca Raton on Friday and immediately fell in love with it. The city is clean, vibrant and alive.

The temperatures were unusually high for beginning of May. On our second day in Boca, we went to Pompano beach but could hardly stay because he was so hot and humid. By Monday temperatures went down a bit and we were able to enjoy more. Downtown Boca Raton gave us the small New England town feeling that we are so used to being from Massachusetts. Plenty of small local shops, friendly people, in a sense of community even though mocha is a pretty good size city. We also thought that the city is very well-kept and safe. 

The nature reservation center in Boca, called the gumbo limbo center is a must stop if you have little ones. Those guys do such a great job in preserving in maintaining the center. The entry fee could not be more fordable. It suggested that you pay five dollars per person but you can pay whatever you want as a donation for the center.

If you have the time and the means to get around, the lion country Safari in West Palm Beach is a great place to spend a fun afternoon with the family. You drive right through the Safari, and end up at a zoo and exhibition center. There’s plenty to do and see here so make sure you have plenty of time. We paid around $150 for four adults and one child.

The lion country Safari also has a kids water play area. This makes it perfect for nice hot days. So if you plan to go with little kids, make sure to pack swimming diapers and swimwear. This is perfect for a nice hot summer day, so make sure to bring plenty of sunblock.

On our way back home back to Boston, we decided to drive four hours up from Boca Raton and stay the night at a small city called Flagler Beach. We got there around 4 PM and were able to enjoy the beach until 930 or 10 PM. What a great little town this was! The water was nice and warm, the beach was clean, and we found a nice little campground to stay the night. The campground was a little crowded but I had very friendly campers and staff.

We can’t wait to go back to Florida soon. It’s one of our favorite states to go camping. Even though the trip is long and we never have enough time to stay longer, we highly recommend this trip to anyone. Boca Raton is amazing and so are some of the other towns around like Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, and others. Be prepared for the hot weather and traffic at some times of the day but other than that you will love it!